Sunday, July 28, 2013

Goats 101

Last week after walking for 2 hours up hill I finally met Gertrude and Wayne for the first time. Gertrude is a beautiful female goat, 3 years of age who gave birth to baby Wayne a month and a half ago. There was no doubt in my mind that we were met to be. I brought them back from the mountain with the owner and we then proceeded to build a proper house for the two of them on the school ground. The kids were so happy to see them and Junior Wayne just loved all the cuddles and hugs. Mother Gertrude is more reserved and prefers that all keep a fair distance, although she will come around for a tasty bit of greens. I learned many things about goat farming very quickly!
-Never tie up two goats together
-Branches need to be hung, they like to reach up for their food
-Never leave goats in the hot sun for too long
-They need a block of salt and just a bit of fresh water when outdoors
-The house needs a double floor to keep the poo away
-Giving medicine in pill format is almost impossible
-Baby goats will go everywhere and follow anything that moves including children and poor Georgia
and I continue to learn more everyday and I believe that I would really enjoy goat farming when I retire from teaching! I love their strong and mischievous personality.....
I came to school the day after we got the goats to find Junior Wayne with his head in the big huge pot of porridge, lapping it all with great delight, his face all covered in sticky mush.....
Otherwise a lot has happened that has required immediate attention. More visits to the assistant chief and chief, police office in Mudate for countless hours.... hospital trips to schedule surgeries.....
Lots and lots of frustration but I always come back with a smile after kissing and playing with my children,
they are and always remain the reason I am doing what I am doing.
thanks for reading on my friends.


  1. :) Catrin and Arlen are pleased to hear about Gertrude, she sounds perfect! Sorry to hear about your struggles, but I'm sure you are quite skilled at dealing with these things by now! Junior Wayne sounds like a lot of fun. Arlen says, "give Gertrude and Wayne big hugs for us". See you soon.

  2. Let's hope the Nairobi airport fire does not hold up Mama Louise, although it looks as if it may. Would seem to add some stress to the end of this journey.
    Louise is in Kisumu now, and will await word on whether she can fly to Nairobi on the 10th and then to Toronto on the 11th.

  3. Looks like KLM airlines is back on track from Nairobi, and Louise should be able to fly home as planned. "Shoulds" in Kenya do not always work out, but with a little luck Louise's flights will go as scheduled.

  4. Hope you had a good flight back home. I am visiting Kiritu this weekend. We will all miss you! See you in September.